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Impossible Task
They all just wanyed to get high and got a homie to dab them out.  All canvas prints are pri..
Kalaxian Crystals
One the hunt for the next high, you run in to old friends.  All canvas prints are printed on..
Kids will be kids
The kids got in to the stash.  All canvas prints are printed on archival canvas using the be..
He lost the stings to the guitar, the piano is no longer tuned. He's trapped, and it's exactly where..
Ladies night out
Leave the kids at home and go have some fun with your lady friends. Which one are you? All canvas..
Life Lessons
It's another day in class with the gang. Kenny died of course, and Mr.Garrison is teaching basic mat..
Lighten Up
There was a cat that wanted a hat. The cat also wanted a dab. The cat called up his friend, who is u..
Los Angeles
Every person in Los Angeles is an Angel, the things these angels did may be another thing. This city..
Sex: sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse.. All canvas prints are prin..
Making Peace
They got tired of all the running and chasing in that hot desert.......and finally did what all swor..
Mary Jane
This piece was inspired by this unbelievably perfect beautiful OG Kush nug I saw in a bag of marijua..
Melting Mice
The kitty kat infiltrated the castle and brought in the drugs to corrupt the young mice.....and yes,..
Money on My Mind
This is the story of a powerful man who's passion was chasing money. As he was dying, all of his dif..
The Moon is fishing for something special, and he's fishing for it in his own sub-conscious. There i..
Mouse Party
This is one ratchet Mouse Party, The homie Brain is trying to distract Micky while Pinky tries to ma..
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